3d santa sleigh tutorial


Hi all sorry it’s taken so long to get tutorial sorted for you, but summer is a very busy time for me.

There has been so much interest in my 3d sleigh and I have now written my tutorial up, along with pictures.

Click on link below for instructions


Thanks for popping by

Happy Crafting Tracy


5 thoughts on “3d santa sleigh tutorial

  1. Maggie says:

    Hello Tracy, I just love your sleigh and have been patiently (not) waiting for you to video instructions but now I can’t see anything but ads, can things get worse…..yes I can’t find your email address anywhere, fingers crossed you get this


  2. Anne says:

    Hi Tracy, thanks for the tutorial. At first I thought it wasn’t there but it does come up and says ‘click here’ and then a box appears in bottom left hand corner saying document or download ,htm – well does on my laptop 🙂 Might of course be different for others. Hope this might help others to find it. Thank you. Anne


  3. Tiziana M says:

    Wooo hoo thank you so much for putting the tutorial on here. This will make a great centerpiece for Christmas dinner. It will be my first time hosting. 😀


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