“Birthday Blooms” Day 5 week 5


Welcome to week 5 of challenges with “Birthday Blooms

I have saved my ultimate favourite one till last…A pop out swing card….I downsized from the normal size i do as i really wanted the flower to be the main focal point of the card and i am very pleased with myself that I chose to make it in real red….if you don’t know RED is my favourite colour…..love it….

Card Base Measurements:

1 card: 4 1/4in x 8 1/2in

score in half

1 card 4in x 8in

score @ 2in, 4in, 6in, turn the card and score @ 3/8in up to the 1st score line, repeat on other side then cut to make 2 little strutts only fold the legs do not fold the section you cut up to.

Using a square die cut out a window on the front of the card.

Burnish the other 2 score lines. glue 1 2in section and stick to the inside of the right hand side of the card then glue the legs to the lefthand side making sure the square is sitting in the window . hopefully you can follow using the picture too.

Happy Crafting Tracy



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