Posing santa using stampin up punches


I do like a funny card! And you can’t get better than an interactive card 🙂
I love punch art and haven’t made anything in ages , so when I was having a tidy up ( spare craft cupboard ) I came across a mini santa that I had made years ago, it was a place setting card and was smaller,  so it got me thinking! 

So here is my completed card, the card base is a small step card

Base: 5 1/2in x 11 in
Measure 1in up and 1 in in on both sides, cut between 1in & 6 1/2in
Score in the center @ 51/2in
Score on outside @ 1in, 2in and 6 1/2 in

Simple card but works great for this little santa. If you look carefully you can see he’s made from ovals, circle’s and hearts. 

Thanks for popping by, if you would like a diagram on what to use to make this little guy, email me your email address and I will send them to you.

Happy crafting Tracy


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