Stampin up gift bag punch board ” how to make bigger bags!


Hello again,  i posted this bag a few days  ago and  i said i would  share with you  how i made it bigger.  Well here  goes;

Firstly  you need  to  know  how wide you  need your bag, because  you need  it to be bigger  you will  need to  join your paper,  you dsp that doesn’t  have a busy pattern,  it will be  easier to  join it if it  has a  simple  pattern.

For example, you  want  your bag to be 7in wide and  about  5in in height.
Cut your 12 x 12in piece of  dsp in half,  to 6 x 12in,  join together on the inside.
Now using  your score  board  lay your  dsp down  and score  a line at the  6in mark; this  will now be the  edge of your dsp.
Line this score  line up with the start line  on your punch  board,  follow  the first step to make  the gusset,  once you  have done  that,  remove  your  dsp and lay it back  down  on your score  board,  from  the last score  line on your  dsp measure  7in from that line, now go back to  your punch  board  and line that last score  mark up at the start line and follow  instructions on the punch board .  Trim the side down to give you  a tab to stick  your bag together,  glue  the base together.  I reinforce  my base with a  piece of  cardstock  the same  size  as  the  base on the  inside  and  outside of the  bag. Punch hole’s  and tie ribbon  on for handles.  Voila!!!! you  now have a  bigger  bag. Now  try it out  with  different  sizes.

Thanks for stopping by

Happy crafting Tracy


6 thoughts on “Stampin up gift bag punch board ” how to make bigger bags!

  1. ThanksTracy just what I need today as want a bag for my neighbours birthday gift. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous bag. X


  2. beespokecrafts says:

    Thanks Tracy


  3. cary says:

    Thank you for sharing 😊


  4. Lynne Peters says:

    sounds easy, but I am a visual learner. Could you share a couple of pics that show the different steps. thanks


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