Swaps for Stampin up regional event


I thought I would share with you this  gorgeous  bag i made, to hold all of my swaps i made for the  stampin up  regional event in Telford.  I made  75 swaps to share these cute little  cards with  everyone. 

I have  made  several  of these bags  over past few years, but never  so big. Whilst  shopping  a few weeks  back, i found  a bag  that gave me the  inspiration to make it.

This bag measures 6in in height and 6in in width,  although the  top of the  bag  is wider, i reinforced the rim to make it stronger.

To make  one of these,  you will need the  following :

1- 7 x 6in card
Score @  1/2in on  all  sides
Snip corners  to form a tray/box base

2- 6 x 12in dsp
2- 2 x 12in strips  of card
Punch border  on both pieces
Stick to the  base of your dsp
2- 3 x 12 in strips
Score in half
Stick over the top of the  bag

Using  either tombo/sticky strip/or fast fuse, centre  the tray to the bottom of  the  dsp, stick  the sides down,  repeat on the  other  side.

Cut 2- 2 x 12in card Score  in half  to make  6 x 2in strip, glue this  and stick  to the side and inside of  the bag.

To make the  handles:
cut 2 –  2 x 7in fold and stick  in half, folding  in half will make it  stronger.
Make 2 holes in each side of the  bag and attach  the handles  with a brad.

Now you have a  bag, decorate to your liking.

Thanks for stopping by,  i hope  you  have  enjoyed  this tutorial,  Tracy

Need any supplies? Head on over to my shop, you might  even  find a few bargains  in the retiring and  clearance list ☺


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