“New catalogue” it’s nearly here!

I’m getting soooooo excited!!! On the 2nd June you will be able to see the new annual catalogue.

There are so many new product’s that you are just going to love, love, love!!!!!!

As a demonstrator I am able to order certain products to show case and I can say I just love the new in colour’s.

Here are a few samples of product’s and new in colour’s.

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pop back soon to view the new catalogue


Stampin up gift bag punch board ” how to make bigger bags!


Hello again,  i posted this bag a few days  ago and  i said i would  share with you  how i made it bigger.  Well here  goes;

Firstly  you need  to  know  how wide you  need your bag, because  you need  it to be bigger  you will  need to  join your paper,  you dsp that doesn’t  have a busy pattern,  it will be  easier to  join it if it  has a  simple  pattern.

For example, you  want  your bag to be 7in wide and  about  5in in height.
Cut your 12 x 12in piece of  dsp in half,  to 6 x 12in,  join together on the inside.
Now using  your score  board  lay your  dsp down  and score  a line at the  6in mark; this  will now be the  edge of your dsp.
Line this score  line up with the start line  on your punch  board,  follow  the first step to make  the gusset,  once you  have done  that,  remove  your  dsp and lay it back  down  on your score  board,  from  the last score  line on your  dsp measure  7in from that line, now go back to  your punch  board  and line that last score  mark up at the start line and follow  instructions on the punch board .  Trim the side down to give you  a tab to stick  your bag together,  glue  the base together.  I reinforce  my base with a  piece of  cardstock  the same  size  as  the  base on the  inside  and  outside of the  bag. Punch hole’s  and tie ribbon  on for handles.  Voila!!!! you  now have a  bigger  bag. Now  try it out  with  different  sizes.

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Stampin up ” gift bag punch sneak peek


I’m just loving the new gift bag punch board……not only can you make the 3 width settings that are on the board, you can make them any size you want☺ all you have to do is score on your paper the width you want your bag to be, once you have done that just follow the first step on the board then measure out again, you will though, have to extend your paper length .

I will be posting the instructions on how to do this in the next week or so, so pop by and take a look.

Thanks for stopping by happy crafting Tracy

Stampin up ” shadow box card sneak peek!


I have made a few of these cards recently andI love them.

Now this card is similarto another card i madea few days ago, but, this one has a few sneak peeks, the colour on this card is one of the new in colours for this year, it’s gorgeous, I think thisis goingtobe my favourite colour now, secondly, the lace, i don’t usually go for lace but this one did, its so soft and youcan easily make lovely bows with it. Now for the final peek, haveyou noticed the paper? This is part of their new 6 x 6 range, i can see me buying loads more papers now and just to add to it, when you look at the papers in the new catalogue, next to them stampin up have a pack of card that matches the paper, how cool is that,  i can  see this  helping  crafters  who have  trouble  matching  colours  to card. Stampin up  have  made it so wasy for you.

Below  you will  find the original  card that i made before  my pre order arrived,  although the  stamp set  i used for  both  projects has now  retired  😦


Thanks  for stopping by and checking out  my projects,  happy  crafting,  Tracy

Swaps for Stampin up regional event


I thought I would share with you this  gorgeous  bag i made, to hold all of my swaps i made for the  stampin up  regional event in Telford.  I made  75 swaps to share these cute little  cards with  everyone. 

I have  made  several  of these bags  over past few years, but never  so big. Whilst  shopping  a few weeks  back, i found  a bag  that gave me the  inspiration to make it.

This bag measures 6in in height and 6in in width,  although the  top of the  bag  is wider, i reinforced the rim to make it stronger.

To make  one of these,  you will need the  following :

1- 7 x 6in card
Score @  1/2in on  all  sides
Snip corners  to form a tray/box base

2- 6 x 12in dsp
2- 2 x 12in strips  of card
Punch border  on both pieces
Stick to the  base of your dsp
2- 3 x 12 in strips
Score in half
Stick over the top of the  bag

Using  either tombo/sticky strip/or fast fuse, centre  the tray to the bottom of  the  dsp, stick  the sides down,  repeat on the  other  side.

Cut 2- 2 x 12in card Score  in half  to make  6 x 2in strip, glue this  and stick  to the side and inside of  the bag.

To make the  handles:
cut 2 –  2 x 7in fold and stick  in half, folding  in half will make it  stronger.
Make 2 holes in each side of the  bag and attach  the handles  with a brad.

Now you have a  bag, decorate to your liking.

Thanks for stopping by,  i hope  you  have  enjoyed  this tutorial,  Tracy

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Stampin up “Zoo babies” peek a boo card


Here’s a quick  post  for you  today!  I just had to share with you this cute card i made the other day.

I’m  so glad  Zoo babies  were not  on the  retiring  list,  i love it  and the stamps are the cutest ever made.

I found the  papers hidden  away   in my stash and thought  they were  perfect  for  this card (retired, sorry )

Don’t  you just love the  little  monkey,  swinging from his branch in the corner.
Now all i have to do  is find someone to  give it to.

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Happy crafting Tracy