Background techniques using stampin up products


Just a quick post today! In class today we had a lot of fun playing with shaving foam…..yes you heard right!!! shaving foam.

This technique makes a lovely marble effect background and it is so easy to do.  Layer a small amount of foam in to a flat tub, smooth it out with a spatula or something similar,  add a few drops of your favourite inks (ink refillers are the best) over the foam, i used 3 colours,  you can use as many or as few as you want, once you have done that get a skewer and mix the colours up, by joining up, from one colour to the next,  when you are happy with the effect you want place your card (gloss card) gloss side down onto the foam, press gently down. When you lift the card off carefully remove what’s on the card with your spatula……voila it’s done.

Now place a second piece on to the foam, you will get a lighter card. You can use the foam a couple more times before it gets to mucky.

I used tesco savers shaving foam, it was only 26p, so very cheap to make a beautiful background paper for your card.

Give it a go and see what yours looks like.

Thanks for stopping by
Happy crafting Tracy x


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