star card

Recently I made this card in a class, it’s a beautiful card to make, and have since found out there is a few other crafters out there who would like to make this card as well. The instructions are pretty clear to follow

Using a 12 x 12in card stock, cut off 1 5/8in off one side.

On the 12 in side mark @ 6in

Cut from 6in mark to the corner, on both sides.

Butt the straight edge up against your Score board, score @ 5 ¼ & 7in, repeat on all 3 side

When folding, fold 1st score as Valley then next one mountain fold, this forms the basic card base.

cut 7, mats @ 4 3/4in x 5 1/2in

cut 1 1/2in off the flat side of the triangle, the base is one mat the small triangle you will need to cut off 1/4in off the flat side.

cut 7, dsp @ 4 5/8in x 5 3/8in. repeat the same procedure as the mat.

when making something for the topper make sure you only attach to one part of the front with 3d dots, this way you can tuck the corners in to hold in place.

Happy Crafting, any problems give me a shout. Tracy



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