Mini milk carton “Advent Calendar”



Wow!!!! I am so pleased with the outcome of this advent. I made the little boxes a few weeks ago and since then I have been thinking of a way to display them……today I finally finished it.

The little milk carton boxes are removable for easier access, I have attached them with velcro dots….aren’t they cute.

This is my 2nd Advent that I have made in the past few weeks, anyone would think I can’t wait for “Christmas”….well they may be right, I love this time of year, making all the lovely cards and gifts to give to everyone. So do you want to see my other advent……here goes….

24 drawer advent



I love this one as well, It is compact with 6 drawers on each side, I put a little notch in the top of the drawers for easier access, ideal for a little treat to be placed in.

These tutorials are full class tutorials, If you wish to purchase this project, email me for more information.


Thanks for stopping by Tracy


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