Teacher Gifts

Now we all know children love to give their teacher a little something at the end of the year, to say thank you for helping them through the year. At 3am it struck me that the end of the year is not that far away 7 weeks I think,  this year is flying by so quickly.

So I came up with this


I love satchel’s, don’t you?…  they remind me of when I went to Junior school all those years ago,… It’s amazing how things come back into fashion, yet today’s generation think it’s all new, So I decided I would make them for my grandchildren’s teachers, just so they know that they enjoyed being taught by them, as you are aware teachers work so hard, and they deserve a little treat. This satchel measures 6in x 4in so will fit any card sizes up to that, I will make about 4 to go in here, it also has a little pocket on the front which you can fit a 2 finger kit kat or any other little treat.

I think this will make an ideal gift for anyone

Happy Crafting Tracy

Products used are listed below


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