3-D pop up card
Hi everyone I first saw this card on
“A Stamp Above”
and fell in love with it
I will post Kelly’s instructions so you can all have a go at making this beautiful card.

you will need: a piece of cardstock measuring 5 7/8″ x 8 7/8″
score @ 5/8″, 4″, 4 5/8″ & 8 1/8
fold on score lines

next you will need;  a piece of cardstock measuring 8″ x 8″ & the envelope punch
Line 1 side up @ 2 3/4″ punch & score
Turn line up score line then punch and score repeat on the following 2 sides
starting on the first side again line up @ 3 1/2″ punch & score turn and line up score line punch and score                                            repeat on last 2 sides

snip the small tabs on either side of the small triangle
* (fold each side on the outer score line only)
* fold the score line then fold over so it folds on the second crease line repeat on all 4 sides
on one of the small sides folld on the 1st line insert into the punch board line it up @ 2 1/8″ punch, this is the front                                of the draw
stick tabs in to make draw then stick flaps down
Optional: cut a piece of cardstock 3 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ this is the base in your drawer
cut 3 1 x3 1/4″ strips score @ 1/2″ only slightly fold as you don’t want this to
lie flat glue one side and stick to the inside of your drawer, you can leave a space at the back to put a gift card if                                  you would like, place all 3 equally apart as you can see in my picture.
Decorate with whatever you would like, once finished I put my drawer in backwards or you can fold the 3 sections                                  as you put the drawer in.
I hope you can understand my instructions if not message me.

If you do not have an envelope punch board you can order one through me
just click on the link to stampin up blog or message me

Happy crafting

Tracy x

Don’t forget to leave me a message

3-D Box card


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