Stampin up regional event

I finally got the go ahead from my dearest hubby today to book myself into Telford regional event,  I was so excited I fired up my laptop to book myself in to find my internet was not working 😦 why does it always play up when you want to do something.

After about 10 tries if finally went through yippee….for me and my best friend Brenda.

I have been asked if I could make peppa pig with punch art…..well  of course, I had to have a go…

I still think it needs tweaking here or there but have made this one to show


Now ignore the mouth  …it didn’t go to plan.

Not too bad for a first attempt.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a message,  and don’t forget during the month of April stampin up have their weekly specials on, so pop on over to my stampin up site.


Thanks for stopping by



One thought on “Stampin up regional event

  1. Oh Tracy she is so gorgeous, I just love it. Sure our ladies are going to love it too.
    Really pleased about Telford too. Thanks to Steve for being our driver. X


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