punch art

  The months are flying past now, I can’t believe we are mid April already.

Anyhow tonight I thought I had better make a start on my grandaughter’s birthday cards, I don’t just have to make 1, I have to make 7, so you can imagine just how difficult it is to do…I mean normally 1 or 2 is easy to the same recipient but 7….. That’s why I have to start early, I get brain lock half way through.

Just to get an insight into what my little Olivia loves………horses……. she is fanatical over them I think it will be an expensive hobby that my daughter will have to fork out.

I love punch art and believe me have made quite a few this year for both grandsons,  a while back I found a picture of a punch art horse I loved it so much I thought I would make one, I can’t remember who made it but would like to thank you for such a brilliant idea.

Onto the card…..


Isn’t it sweet,

Now I just have to make 6 more

Thanks for stopping by

 See you soon Tracy



2 thoughts on “punch art

  1. Love it Tracy. Rob Addams is bringing out a die for a horse, so can’t wait for that…. Ooh just realised its a secret as yet, as still in the working stages. Thanks for sharing. X


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