Finished Projects

Catch up day…Yipee…

Today I thought I would have a catch up day, I often get easily distracted while working on project’s, so sometimes things get put in a box and forgotten about.
My best friend has gone away for a few day’s and I always feel, lost without her, so I do have problems getting my thinking cap on.

Have not done much crafting over the past few day’s, you think you might have extra time on your hand’s when it is the school holiday’s, but I think I have less time.
Over the weekend I helped my friend by making a frame card for her Nephew, all she needs to do is add the embellishments, she ran out of time before she went away to get it done and I don’t like to see her stressed because she hasn’t been able to make it.

So on to today, I sat in my craft room thinking about what to make next and if I am going to Telford for Stampin up Regional event I need to make lots of swaps,
so what happens next…. I had a mental block, which does happen, especially when you know you have to come up with something special, so I decided I would have a look at some of my unfinished projects.
My best friend Brenda brought this project round to me before Christmas and I made a start on it and with getting ready for Christmas I had put it to one side thinking I would finish it in the new year,but forgot about it, nothing new there, as most of my friends would put it.
Well I know it is April now! and the Easter holidays……….. but as you know the weeks seem to fly past and before you know it 4 months have past.

So here it is….. the finished project, and believe me I know what all of you are going to say… comes it has taken you so long when it is such a small project!!!!
I need to stop putting things into the for later box đŸ™‚


Inside I have made a little pocket for a note pad, to go, I made this little booklet because as per usual couldn’t find the little book that I had bought to go in here, I also made a little holder to put a pen. You can easily make a few changes for a male recipetent.

This would make an ideal gift for just about anyone, and is so simple to make, so if you are stuck on ideas for gifts to your loved ones or friends give it a go.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, see you soon,
Don’t forget I will be posting another tutorial next week

Thanks for stopping by



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