Cascading card

Weekends I thought were supposed to be relaxing arn’t they?

This weekend a veery dear friend of mine needed my help, she recently
decided that with some money that was left to her from her late mum, she would have her consevertory
refitted.. it did need it!
anyhow she didnt want to see it untill myself and her daughter had put
all the craft stuff away in the relevent cupboards,
the trouble was it wasnt a good finish, very shoddy workmanship,
but sadly she didnt keep a watch on the builder who was doing it, and untill today had not
stepped foot in there.
I found my friend in tears, it was so hard to see her like that, we are hoping this builder is
going to come back and finish it to a higher standard.

I do hate to see close friends so stressed, and being that she is 70 this year and disabled
it is even harder to bare.

When I got home I needed to destress, and the only way to do that is to craft,
craft and more craft,,,,,,
“well I say that”
I only got one card made,
and this is the finished project


I do like these colours, so vibrant 
Thats all for tonight will put details of the card tomorrow

Thanks for stopping by






The dsp used in this project is now retired

My new project a cascading card


One thought on “My new project a cascading card

  1. Tracy this is the design I was wanting to do, sorry about J, but as you say hopefully they will come back and sort out. Can imagine that you and Louise spent a fair bit of time sorting things out. Once again you have out done yourself. Always putting other people before yourself. Thanks for sharing this…. Think will make a great class. Love me x
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