My first Blog

Wow my first blog and for once in my life I can’t think of anything to talk about……….just kidding, I have lots to talk about. CRAFTING!! I just love it and so do all my grandchildren much to my husbands despair, more mess, more toot as he calls it, don’t get me wrong he loves all my creations, it’s the mess as he calls it, can I help it if a tiny piece of paper falls onto the floor šŸ™‚ or I sneakily spread my treasures on to his side of the room, what can I say, when a girl needs a little more space I just have to have it. Anyhow on to what I haveĀ been creating over the past few days. A card in a box, just love these cards and they are so easy to make.

A card in a box for your special mum

I just love these cute magazine files, and made with 1 sheet of 12 x 12 piece of card stock. These little beauties will hold 4 x 6 cards or your small embossing folders, what a great idea and they look lovely sitting on your side.

Mini magazine files


2 thoughts on “My first Blog

  1. Cayleigh says:

    Hi Tracy, you have made so many beautiful creations, I am looking forward to what you post next x


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